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The Cookhouse Project: A Brief History

The museum building was moved from the 25 Ranch, which once belonged to the W.T. Jenkins family, to its current location in November 2000. The 1920s building first served as a cookhouse and in later years as a bunkhouse. Several grants and local government support, along with many contributions from local businesses, community members, and mining companies funded the renovation of the building which was opened as a museum and historical library on September 8, 2012. Since then, thousands of guests have toured the museum.

Members of the Lander County Historical Society volunteer countless hours to provide a cultural focal point for the community, an access to the humanities, and a means to promote tourism in Lander County. The museum’s primary function is education and preservation of regional history. It also serves as a location for traveling cultural exhibits, local artists’ works, educational programs and cultural events.

The Battle Mountain Cookhouse Museum is the setting for the community’s annual cookout and its wine walk. It has also hosted a variety of other presentations, including Lady Carolyn’s oral history of an 1871 dress, a writing workshop and various musical artists. Plans include featuring a local artist at the museum every two months.

The Museum has featured local artists since 2013 and the Historical Society and the arts presenters are enjoying continued collaboration at the facility. The engraved redwood ‘Walk of Names’ planks contain the names of any one who has given $50 or more to the museum. Planks are still available for purchase.


Volunteers have been vital in shaping the Cookhouse Museum into a successful, unique institution. As we look ahead to a brand new building in Battle Mountain, volunteers will continue to play an essential part in the Museum’s exciting future.

Support the Museum with your time and talents! We have a range of meaningful volunteer opportunities, whether you are looking to celebrate your heritage, meet like-minded people, or learn a new skill. The Cookhouse Museum invites you to join us in our effort to celebrate mining and ranching culture in our community, and to share the Nevada Spirit.


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